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Product updates

Staying in the know about VivifyScrum

14 Jul 2015

Another finished iteration, a lot of new amazing features:

  • API - you can use VivifyScrum in your own app with the help of a provided API key
  • Board branding - customize your Board by adding a Board avatar. If you don’t upload your own, the default avatar is your Board code (which can be used to create Items via email)
  • Import from Trello and Pivotal Tracker - if you have an existing Board in Trello or Pivotal Tracker, you can now upload it and start using it in VivifyScrum
  • Export Board - you don’t have to export Sprint by Sprint anymore, now you can export the whole Board with just one click from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the 'Product Backlog' page (or the 'Board' page if you have a Kanban Board)
  • Dashboard - new and improved with six tabs:
    • My Boards - shows the Boards you own, the Boards you are a member of and the archived Boards
    • My Assignments - gives you an insight into Items assigned to you across all Boards
    • My Activity - gives you an insight into your activities across all Boards
    • My Account - your VivifyScrum profile
    • My Plan - your payment plan
    • My Notifications - email and desktop notification settings
  • CI Integration - you can now integrate VivifyScrum with continuous integration services (Travis, Semaphore and GitLab CI)
  • Workdays - to get the true and valuable Burndown chart select your workdays (on the 'Configure Board' page)
  • Hover on Item card - see the complete Item title without opening the Item modal
  • Kanban Board improvement - you can mark several Lists or none of them as a 'Done List'. When you move an Item to a 'Done List' it will automatically be marked as Done.

We're doing everything to make VivifyScrum the best scrum software for Mac!