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Product updates

Summertime and the livin' is easy

17 Aug 2015

But not here at VivifyScrum. So take a look at hot and latest tweaks and updates we’ve prepared for you:

  • Files page - the new part of VivifyScrum you were asking for. Easily view all the files on your Board and search for the ones you need. You don’t have to memorize anymore where you’ve attached that one important file
  • Gmail extension - useful and the fastest way to see all the important details about VivifyScrum Items right from your Gmail Inbox
  • Label colors - easily choose the right color and use it on different Boards by copying the hex color code from color picker
  • Improved checklists - copy items from your existing list (e.g. from a document) and paste them as separate checklist items
  • Search improvements (choose the Board to search through) - now you can specify to search through one or more Boards you are a member of
  • Easily copy Item link and Board code - we’ve added a button to the Product and Sprint Backlog with the Board code and a button next to the Item title in the Item modal and in the full view. By clicking on the buttons you copy the code or the link to your clipboard
  • Possibility to add a parent Item while you’re creating and adding a new Item
  • VivifyScrum video - Watch it. Share it :)


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