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Transparency in IT outsourcing - How to achieve it

05 Oct 2017

Corporate Secrets

Each and every successful business relationship is based on trust. And there is no difference when it comes to IT outsourcing process. So, why do people who hired an IT outsourcing company often feel that they are losing both money and time?


Common issues in IT outsourcing

Before we dive straight into pointing out various problems, there is one issue that stood out as the most important one. In fact, a lot of other problems stem from that one - the lack of transparency in IT outsourcing. Lack of trust and communication, as well as the possibility of being deceived - these are just a few of the biggest obstacles everyone who hires an IT outsourcing company faces. Just have a look below and see for yourself!


Not being familiar with the progress of the project

One of the biggest issues is the fact that people who hired an IT outsourcing company are not being notified regularly about the progress of the project. This goes on for months and months. If there are any issues, they are not informed. And if they try to find out what is happening with the product, the IT outsourcing company tells them that everything is fine and that there is nothing to worry about. The whole process of developing thus becomes ambiguous and not a transparent one.


And then what happens? Well, there is a big chance that these people will get just a part of their product that they aren’t satisfied with at all.


Lack of communication

Another issue that appears is the lack of communication between the client and the company he hired. Yes, in the beginning it seems that both sides understand what has to be done, but once the development process begins and some changes have to be implemented, without effective communication, it is more likely that the client will get a product that doesn’t suit his needs or one that is completely different from the product he wanted.

Two men back to one another


Missed deadlines

And let’s not forget about IT outsourcing companies that don’t meet deadlines! Development does take time, but if a client has no idea that the process will take a bit longer than agreed or that the speed of work is not meeting his expectations, how can he react and prevent his business from losing money? Once again, if the process of development is not a transparent one and the IT outsourcing company keeps hiding vital information - this will only lead to even more problems!


Possible fraud

One of the more extreme cases is definitely when a company wants to trick a client and use his money, while at the same time they work on other projects or simply waste time not doing anything. They hide and lie what they do, they don’t develop the product and the people who hired them have no opportunity to see this because the development process is not a transparent one.


Is there a solution? 

As we mentioned above, all of these issues happen because of the lack of transparency in business. So the crucial question here is - how can the problem of transparency in IT outsourcing be solved?

The solution is rather easy - the app development must be a completely transparent process. Client who wants his project completed on time, must be informed all the time so he can make different decisions based on the current progress of the app. What to do to achieve this?


Use Online Project Management Tools

One way to achieve better transparency is to use online Project Management tools like VivifyScrum, so both the client and the IT outsourcing company can follow the progress of the project. Assignments should be made small enough so there are no big tasks to work on for a couple of days or even weeks. Those who hired the IT outsourcing company can see who is currently working on which task and can track the overall progress of the iteration and the project.


Woman uses VivifyScrum on laptop


User testing

Another great way to ensure transparency is when a client himself can try the product. Whether that product is a website or a mobile app - clients’ comments can help greatly. Those who have hired the IT outsourcing company will be able to check the project and give feedback, and the company will use these comments to improve it.

If we talk about websites, then this process is called staging. The client is able to test the website and to come up with suggestions how it can be improved.

In case the project is a mobile app, this is called test release. The client can install the app on their mobile phone and find out if they are happy with the product and give suggestions to the IT outsourcing company. In the end, if the client tests the project before it is completed and give feedback, it is more likely that he will get the product he wanted and paid for.


Review meetings

Review meetings from time to time are an awesome tool to ensure transparency. These kind of meetings are usually organized once a week or once every two weeks. The client is informed what has been done and how that product can be improved.


Code access

Clients that understand the development process can be given access to the global git repositories to see and analyze code. In this way, they can follow the progress, see what developers are committing and when, as well as ensuring code quality.


Regular communication

Last but not the least, is the good old regular communication. The client is informed about the progress of the project on a daily basis and all potential issues are discussed as they appear. This will ensure that the product that is being developed is the one that exactly suits the needs of the client.



Transparency in IT outsourcing is not a mission impossible. It just takes a bit of effort from both sides. The company has to be ready to involve the client as well as the client must be ready to be actively involved. It’s not an easy process, but it’s the right one. And this is how all successful outsourcing companies do business - the development process has to be a transparent one. In fact, this is what makes them successful in the first place. Without transparency, there is no trust and without trust, there is no success.


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