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Product updates

Update: Introducing a new way to track time in VivifyScrum and more

12 Jul 2018

After releasing new features and functionalities like Team Management, Time Management and Invoicing, the time has come to take them up a notch.

The latest additions and improvements to our scrum online tool are here to help you and your team focus better on the work that needs to be performed. Also, with each update, we minimize the need for other tools. This time, it’s external time trackers.

Yes, the VivifyScrum Time Tracker is here! But that’s not all, so please continue reading!



VivifyScrum Time Tracker desktop app and Chrome extension for your web app

VivifyScrum Time tracker

VivifyScrum Time Tracker automatically creates a worklog for the item you are working on. Open the extension from your extension menu and enter the item code or the item URL. You can add a short description of what you will be doing on the item (Add a note).

Start the timer and stop glancing at the clock, just focus on your work. When you move your item to the next column on the Backlog, stop the timer and the worklog will be automatically created for the item.

We haven’t forgotten about those much-needed breaks you need to take while working, so we made it possible to pause the timer.

You can also add past worklogs for an item through this same extension. The minimum time you can log is one minute.

Add the Chrome extension for your web app or download the VivifyScrum Time Tracker app for VivifyScrum desktop version:

Read more about VivifyScrum Time Tracker in our documentation.



The Worklogs page shows all logged hours by Team Members. It is available for two levels - the Organization and the Board level. Organizations that use VivifyScrum to create invoices for their clients based on the worklogs can do this from this page.

worklogs page

This option is available only to the Organization Owner and Admins.

When creating an invoice, it is possible to choose how you’d like to export the selected worklogs to the invoice:

  • Combine all worklogs into one entry (Total worklog)
  • Separate all worklogs
  • Group worklogs by an assignee (each assignee will have a separate entry on the invoice).

You can also create the Worklogs Report on this page. The Report is a list of selected worklogs in a downloadable PDF format.


The Organization Worklogs page gives an insight into all worklogs created across all Boards in an Organization by all added users (Organization members and guests). From this page, you can see who created the worklog, on which Board and for which item, how many hours have been logged and the description of the work performed.

You can filter the worklogs you want to see on this page. You can filter the Worklogs page by the Boards you want to see, users, log interval (e.g. show only the worklogs between 2 and 6 hours) and you can also choose a custom date range.


The Board Worklogs page is a preview of all logged hours on a Board by all Team Members. The list shows the user who created the worklog, the item for which the worklog was created (item code), the number of logged hours and the worklog description. You can filter the Worklogs page by users, log interval and by a custom date range.

Worklogs invoice and reports



New filter options - Total and Availability hours

You want to find Team Members who are available to work on a new project?

No problem.

Each Team Member has a total number of working hours per week. As you add engagements to a Team Member, his/her availability decreases.

Just select the number of hours that the project requires per week in the filter (availability hours) and you’ll get all the Team Members who are available. Next to seeing their current engagements, you’ll also see the number of hours they are available per week.

Availability filter



Save Filter option

Is your Backlog cluttered and you’re always applying the same filters to clear the view (e.g. bug items assigned to you)?

You can now save you filter preferences and use them whenever you need it with just one click. Filter your view and go to the Save new filter option. You can save an unlimited number of filters and give them names you’ll recognize easily later.



New Stats per User

You can find more detailed Stats per User here. From now on, you can see exactly which items a user worked on during a selected date range. It is also possible to group the stats to see users’ performance during a selected Sprint - number of completed items, total completed value, points and logged hours. You can custom-define the date range or use the predefined ones: Last 24h, Last 7 days, Last month, Last 3 months and last year.

Stats per user


See these new features in action.


* All new features, except Save filter option, are Premium.