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Product updates

Users’ Choice update

07 Jul 2021

The latest update of VivifyScrum was completely dedicated to YOU. So let’s call this one the Users’ Choice update. All of these improvements came from your suggestions either through our support chat, email or roadmap idea.

Cloning Parent Items

Next to moving related items altogether to another board, you can now also clone them with just a few clicks. We’ve added an option to choose whether you’d like to clone the parent item alone or with all belonging subitems. The relation between cloned items stays the same.

Starting day of the week

Good news for our users worldwide. From now on you can change the layout of your calendar in VivifyScrum by choosing the first day of the week. You can set Saturday, Sunday or Monday. The change will be reflected on all calendars used in VivifyScrum for your Organization. You can find this option (Calendar start day) on the Configuration page of your Organization.

My Assignments finally sorted

This just might be “The biggest news” in this short product updates post. A lot of times we heard from you that the My Assignments page just wasn’t good enough for your needs. You had trouble finding the items with a short deadline. The default sorting of items on the My Assignments page has finally been changed. Now you will see the items sorted by due date in the card view. The table view offers the possibility to also sort the items by due date in a descending or ascending order.

My assignments page due date

New filter alert

Another criteria added to the Product and Sprint Backlog filter - Priority. With this option you can choose between seeing only high priority items (flagged ones) or only items with the normal priority (not flagged items). Remember that all filter settings can be saved for recurring use.

History export

The Board history page got the new option. If you need all activities performed on a Board in one file, you got it! A downloadable CSV file is now available on the history page.

Creating subitems

UX improved. While you’re creating subitems directly from the parent item, clicking the “Enter” key will automatically open a new card for adding another subitem.


If you can think of any new feature or a tiny improvement that would help you work better and use our agile project management software more efficiently, don’t keep it to yourself. Head over to our public roadmap and submit an idea. Looking forward to reading your suggestions!