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Product updates

The most wanted thing about VivifyScrum

15 May 2019

- Is it a Gantt chart?
- No.
- Is it a custom background image?
- No.
- Well, is it instagram-like stories?
- Interesting idea, but no :) It’s the VivifyScrum Mobile App for Android and iOS platform.

The first version of our mobile application is finally available on both Google Play and App Store.

The short History in three sentences

VivifyScrum started as a web-app and it was the only one available for the first two years of VivifyScrum’s life. Back then, we received the most requests from our users to publish the iOS app, so we did. The market trends and users’ needs changed over time and the Android app became an essential part of the puzzle which brought us to this moment.

VivifyScrum Mobile App

In the first version of our mobile app, you get access to features for basic team collaboration. You are able to see all the Boards you belong to, to add and remove team members, to manage items - create new ones, edit or move them, add labels, assign performers, attach files, write comments, add worklogs and more.

Other well-known VivifyScrum features will be added gradually.

With this early release, we wanted to have a stable version and to gather your feedback on the next features you’d like to see in our mobile app.

Let us know which features you’d like to see next.

For the developers among you, the mobile app was built with React Native. For the back-end side, we stuck to the good old Laravel.

The app is free on both platforms, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it in your pocket.

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store