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Product updates

We end a year with a bang - New features

07 Dec 2017

New features vivifyscrum table view

We promised - we delivered. Earlier today, we released a new set of features before our minds wander off to the upcoming Holiday season. However, that won’t stop us from working on implementing new updates, improvements and fixes, don’t worry.

New Theme. Yes, another one.

When we said that there are going to be new themes available, we weren’t joking. Mist is here. This new theme is a light version of our previous theme Blue Velvet. To translate this into the language of colors - find the newly available Light Blue theme in your Account Settings.

Table view of the Product Backlog

Dear Project Managers and Product Owners, this one is for you. We understand that Item cards are not always the best choice when you need a clear overview of project tasks. That’s why we present you a Product Backlog makeover - Table view.

Each row represents one Item. Available columns are:

  • Tittle,
  • Type,
  • Performers
  • Labels,
  • Location - Sprint column and a column within a Sprint Backlog,
  • Estimation,
  • Work log,
  • Relations,
  • Creation date,
  • Files,
  • Share option - copying of the Item code and copying of the Item link
  • More Item actions - Delete, Clone, Move to the top of the column, Add to predefined Items, Move to another Board.

Various actions are available directly in the table, such as editing the Item title, assigning performers, attaching files and more. Bulk Item actions are also available, just select the Items of your interest. A click on the Item opens the Item modal.

Events & Due Date

Scheduled calls, deadlines and all other stuff that you keep forgetting about can be safe in VivifyScrum again. Events and Due Date are back.

Directly create an Event on the Item card. Add notes about the Event, select team members that you want to notify about the Event and relax. You can also set a Due Date for an Item - today, tomorrow, this week, this sprint, this month or choose a custom date. These features are currently available only on Item cards, but we’ll add them to the Item modal. It’s a promise. After all, we're making one of the best scrum tools out there.


With this release, we’ve covered all announced features in our post What’s coming next. As the end of this year has approached, it’s time to look back at all the things that we’ve done and to set challenging goals for the upcoming year. It’s time to ask ourselves So what did we mess up this time? Or what a Sprint Retrospective really is. Enjoy reading and show your support by sharing with your friends!