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Product updates

What's coming next?

19 Oct 2017

Roadmap VivifyScrum

Ever since the initial launch in 2014, VivifyScrum has never stalled. “Inspect and adapt” principle has led us here and will continue helping us find the way to improve constantly. The upcoming releases will bring back some of the features you loved the most in the previous version of VivifyScrum. However, there are a few surprises we’re preparing. Take a look at what you can expect in the upcoming period for your favorite scrum software for Windows.

Planning poker

Set your estimation cards aside - Planning Poker returns. As a collaborative technique, it will, once again, make your estimation sessions fun and simple. One Planning Poker moderator and others, including team members, will estimate the effort needed to complete a task. This works perfectly for all teams - both onsite and remote ones.

Planning poker

Desktop application

Let’s be honest. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? Only this one? We don’t think so. Navigating through an endless line of opened tabs in your browser can be frustrating. We wouldn’t like to see you lose your VivifyScrum board tab again. That’s the reason we’re developing a desktop application. No distractions, no excessive clicking in the process of finding the task you need. One application dedicated to your seamless productivity.

Table view of the Product Backlog

Item Cards are something that we’ve considered very practical. They are detailed enough, easy to handle and move around the Backlog. However, a default card view doesn’t seem to always work for the projects that include a large number of tasks. Backlogs can get cluttered and project managers can have difficulties in managing and prioritizing tasks. A solution? Table view of the Product Backlog. Each table row will be reserved for one Item. Table columns will contain item details.


Has it always been about the choice between the light and the dark side? Can you pick one? With our upcoming addition to VivifyScrum themes, you don’t have to. The application is now available in three themes: Light, Dark and Graphite theme. If that is still not enough, you’ll have the option of choosing between more than just those three themes. The Green and the Blue themes are coming to VivifyScrum with their light and dark variations.

Color themes VivifyScrum

Board History

For those who need to have an insight into all activities of all team members on the Board, VivifyScrum will offer the Board History page. Available tabs on that page will make the filtering easier: Last 24 hours, Yesterday, This Week. On the Custom tab you’ll be able to choose a specific date range that interest you.

Labels page

Labels can be a pretty helpful feature in organizing large projects. Taking into account their significance in VivifyScrum, we’re dedicating a separate page to Labels. It will include a list of all Labels in a Board, their description, number of tasks that contain that particular label, the total number of effort units and total work log in those tasks. If you click on a single label, it will open the Label Stats page with multiple charts. Team members will be able to collaborate within a single label.

Events and Due Date

It’s OK. It can happen to anyone. We forget the deadlines, that we have to send an email or that we have a scheduled meeting at 2:00 PM. By implementing Events and Due Date in VivifyScrum the chances that you’ll forget the important stuff decrease. You’ll be reminded on time.


While you wait for all these new and exciting features, check out What’s new in VivifyScrum v2 and already available.