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Product updates

What’s new in VivifyScrum v2?

19 Oct 2017

Introducing VivifyScrum v2

We announced the launch of VivifyScrum v2, your favorite scrum and kanban tool, on September 25th. We paid close attention to your suggestions, incorporated them into our development vision and improved our Scrum software for Mac. Take a look at what we changed.

Better performance

We know how important the speed is, especially if you work with large projects. When you switch from one board to another, these boards load a lot faster than before. 

Title shortcut #

Use # in the title to quickly assign tasks, add labels, set item types, etc. When you type #, a drop-down menu opens. In case the one option you are looking for is not visible in that menu, just continue typing until you see it. You can do this several times for a single item.

Bulk actions

You can perform actions in bulk on items now. VivifyScrum v2 allows you to perform the same action on several items at the same time. Select multiple items and a button will appear in the upper right corner with available actions. By using this new feature you can, for example, assign the same label and assignee with just one click.

Move multiple items between boards

In VivifyScrum v2, you can move several items between boards. This is tremendously useful if two or more teams work on the same project. Let’s say that a design team and a development team work on the same task. Once the design team completes their part of the task, they can transfer it to the developers’ board so they can work on their part.
Move multiple items from one board to another and organize your work efficiently!

Add items inline

Adding items is easier now. Not only can you add them anywhere on the board, but you can also add multiple items simultaneously.

Perform several actions directly on the item card

There is no need to open the whole task to perform actions such as commenting. You can now do it directly on the item card. Comment, add files and subtasks quickly and effortlessly.

Rich title

Putting clickable links and lists is now available in VivifyScrum v2. There is no need to put everything in the description and wasting time on opening each task to find what you need. Just place links, lists, etc. in the title and organize your work a lot better.

Rich title - new feature from VivifyScrum v2

Move tasks across the board

You can now move tasks across the board easily. Just use the task card or modal to move them to suit your needs.

New estimations - ROI

We’ve introduced the new feature - you can calculate the ROI (Return On Investment). This represents the relation between the Item value and the Item effort (the effort needed to complete the task). This new feature is particularly useful if you want to check whether the items with great value have justified the effort invested in completing them. If you go to the Configure board page, Settings tab, you can choose only to Show Effort Units on the Item card.

Improved layout and design

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve improved layout and design. The navigation is easier, and you can do your work in a much faster way.

Improved Search

You can now search through one or all boards you are a member of and see the results on that page. By clicking on one of the results, that item is opened on the page. Due to this improvement, the results are also much more accurate and precise.

Improved External integrations

Whether you want to activate or deactivate external integrations, you can do it now in a simpler way. Available integrations are Slack, GitHub, GitLab, Travis and many others. Find the one you need and activate it quickly and effortlessly.

Improved external integrations in VivifyScrum v2

Improved Item relations

If you need to divide a task into smaller subtasks to complete them quickly, you can do it now in VivifyScrum v2 by using the relation tab. You can also create subtasks directly in the card if it’s easier for you.

Even though we implemented a lot of changes, many new and exciting features are to be released soon. In the meantime, check out our post about VivifyScrum winning two major project management software awards.