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Product updates

Year in Review

24 Dec 2015

As one year ends and another begins, between making plans, let’s take a look back on what happened throughout this year. It was a busy year for VivifyScrum and we’ll take a moment to remind you of the features that have been added. 


  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Image annotation
  • Export Sprint option
  • Detailed User Sprint activity



  • Slack integration
  • Board archive
  • Work Log
  • Reports for finished Sprints



  • Commenting on Items via email
  • New keyboard shortcuts added
  • Default Assignee
  • Dashboard introduced



  • GitHub and Bitbucket integration
  • Sign up via Google+
  • New Item type - Task
  • Export Board



  • Labels
  • GitLab integration
  • Payment Plans
  • Stats page improvements



  • Google Drive and Dropbox integration
  • Hotkeys
  • New Item type - Note
  • Sprint Goal
  • Create Items via email
  • Desktop notifications



  • Import from Pivotal tracker and Trello
  • Travis, Semaphore and GitLab CI integration
  • Board Branding
  • VivifyScrum API
  • Defining Workdays



  • First Birthday
  • Files page
  • Gmail extension
  • VivifyScrum video



  • Events
  • Whack Team Members
  • New Item type - Idea
  • Default Item type on the Board



  • Multi-assignee
  • Moving Items between Boards
  • Accumulated points and value
  • Changing Board type
  • Item Hashcode



  • My Preferences page
  • Different Item card views
  • Disabling Item details
  • Changeable Board code



  • One Drive integration
  • Reordering checklist items
  • Adding images from the clipboard
  • Pioneers of the Balkans Finalist


VivifyScrum Fun Fact

It would take 251 days for a bog turtle to walk the road made of post-it notes if all the tasks made in VivifyScrum were written on those notes.


Join us for more years of making VivifyScrum the best scrum tool to download.