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Product updates

You asked, we listened - New features available

17 Nov 2017

Updates in November

Ever since we released VivifyScrum v2, we have been working on the new and exciting features. In our post What’s coming next we gave you a glimpse of what you can expect and we are proud to announce that some of the features are already available!

Desktop App

If you work on several projects at the same time, it easy to get lost in all those opened tabs. It takes time to find the right one and sometimes the browser crashes. Instead of wasting time on endless navigating to find the VivifyScrum tab, we have created a Desktop app to download that will help you organize your projects efficiently and without any distractions. See it for yourself! Your favorite scrum app download is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows!

Planning poker

Making estimations is once again fun and simple! How much effort is needed to complete a task is estimated by one Planning poker moderator and all invited team members. Planning poker is a great collaborative tool, no matter whether your team is the in-house one or the remote one.

New theme

Personalizing your Boards and workflow is sometimes more than just having columns and items ordered the way you want them. If you are a visual type, that loves switching themes, now you can choose between the Light, Dark and Graphite theme that were available before and a new one - Blue Velvet. Choose the one you think that best suits your needs and start organizing your Boards!

Labels page

When you are a member of a huge team, with many Items on every Board, Labels come in handy. Considering how important they are for effective organizing, we created a separate page for the Labels. When you click on any label, you are taken to the Labels page where you can see all Items with that label, statistics as well as details that allow you to change the label name and description.

Board History and My History

If you need to have an insight into your Team members’ activities, you can do it by clicking the History icon in the Board sidebar. Here, you can filter to see what your Team members are doing Today, what they did Yesterday, in the Last 7 days, or to choose a Custom dates that interest you.

Besides Board History, when you click your avatar, you can access the My History page. Here you can filter your activities in the same way as you do it in the Board History page. 

We are preparing more exciting features, so stay tuned. If you haven’t already, download Scrum software or sign up.