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What our customers say about us


“We have been using Vivify for over a year now to manage internal projects. The features allow us to track all of our time worked, and also let us prioritize our work and see exactly what needs doing and when. It provides a clear view of the work.”

Morgan L., Technical Director


“This is an intuitive, well-organized and very visual project management tool that gives you a clear view of your tasks and your team's progress. It features both scrum and kanban boards for flexible project management and the drag-and-drop environment is very much appreciated.”

Jenny M., Freelance Content Writer


“Maintaining Product backlog was an overhead earlier, and managing the human resource velocity for each Project was a real problem earlier. Now it seems so easy. Vivifyscrum is an excellent user friendly and very intuitive agile project management tool.”

Maitreyi S., CEO


“I used this mainly for my software development projects. Really easy to use and very innovative. There is this cool graph where it shows how your work is going and how it is supposed to go.”

Neal D., Technology Teaching Associate


“It's great to bring a little more structure to our planning! It’s super easy to add tasks, move them to different days of the week and it's very malleable to your own liking. It works perfectly and I'm glad to see a more structured environment at the office. I truly recommend this to any other creative business.”

Nienke V., Graphic designer


“I was creating a game with my team and it was the first tool we used which turns out to be one of the best. Really helped with planning. Easy to use, easy to understand. A lot of features for planning. Quality customer service.”

Edvinas S., Sales Associate


“VivifyScrum is ideal for small teams and makes it nice to follow the scrum methodology. It allows you to organize your team efficiently, finish the work and estimate time. The kanban board is simple and easy to use. You can view the team's overall performance through charts.”

Jonás P., Project Engineer


“I was looking for a replacement for all of our yellow stickers on our scrum board, in a way that all team members could see. I like the visual of the board, quick overview, no wrong turns when opening boards. It is intuitive - and it is working.”

Ulla Baasch A., Software Developer


“Simple, USABLE, fast. It doesn't have the bloat features of most other products of this type. Also, the team behind VivifyScrum are responsive, personable and helpful, they listen to their customers and are always improving the product. Decent integrations with other platforms too.”

Chris V., Technical founder


“This software is very easy to use because you can maintain the responsibilities of each activity in a way that makes the job more organized. What I like most about it is how easy you can see who is doing each activity. Simple and fast.”

Alan Henrique D., Systems Analyst


“Quick, Simple, and Powerful. The product is very easy to set up and use, especially comparing it to the "big" providers out there. It does boards very well. Reporting is useful and adequate.”

Tim C., Director R&D


“It is perfect for the size of our team. We really rely on the software. Everyday, we can say "check Vivify" so everyone knows what to do and if they have enough time for their tasks. Our company stepped up its level because of Vivify. We now can do more projects and earn more money.“

Femke K., Animator, Filmmaker

Powerful features to organize your business

High-powered Task Cards
  • Types

    Choose between different types items (task, bug, idea, etc.)

  • Description

    Write descriptions. Add images, tables, inline code, links and more.

  • Hashtags

    Use # to quickly add details when creating a task.

  • Files

    Add files that you need to complete the task.

  • Comments

    Add comments that relate to the task. See other members’ comments.

  • Activities

    Get an overview of who’s done what on a task and when.

  • Performers

    Add as many performers and reviewers as you wish.

  • Labels

    Create your own labels and add them to tasks.

  • Estimates

    Estimate the value of the task and the effort to complete it.

  • Relations

    Define parent and subitems. Add blocking items.

  • Events

    Add the Due Date for a task. Put down an Event related to the task.

  • Commits

    Get an overview of commits related to the task from the linked git repo.

  • Hashtags

    Use # to quickly add details when creating a task.

  • Email

    Create items via email with all the details.

  • Predefined Items

    Create predefined items that will be used again.

  • Mirror Items

    Mirror and manage items on other boards you are working on.

Customizable Boards
  • Scrum or Kanban

    Choose your framework and build a board accordingly.

  • Product Backlog

    Manage your Product Backlog and add items to Sprints.

  • Import/Export

    Import Board items from a CSV file. Export in CSV or JSON format.

  • Add Columns

    Add as many columns as you wish to best represent your workflow.

  • Limit WIP

    Add work in progress limits to ensure your team is focused.

  • Workdays

    Define when your team works so that you get 100% accurate stats.

  • Defaults

    Set default item types, assignees, followers and type of information you can see.

  • Effort Units

    Define effort units for the board (time, points, something completely different).

  • Custom fields

    Add custom fields to the items on the board (priority level/contact person/etc.)

  • Hotkeys

    Create hotkeys with defined item details for easier and quicker use later.

  • Integrations

    Add integrations for the Board in question (Slack, revision control, CI, etc.)

Time Management
  • Time Tracker

    Use our in-app time tracker to track your time on tasks.

  • Worklogs

    Using time tracker automatically creates worklogs for each team member.

  • Organization & Board

    Keep track of worklogs across your Organization or individual Boards.

  • Filters

    Use filters (Boards, Assignees, Log interval, date range) to get the wanted info.

  • Invoices

    Use worklogs to make sure your invoices are transparent and accurate.

Reports and Exports
  • Worklogs

    Create daily/weekly/monthly reports from team members’ worklogs.

  • Team Members' Data

    Create reports with team members’ personal information.

  • Engagements

    Create reports with team members’ engagement across projects or boards.

  • Exports

    Export items, sprints and boards in CSV and JSON formats.

  • Activity Logs

    Get a chronological overview of all the activity on the selected board.

Team Management
  • Engagements

    Track the engagements of your team members across projects and boards.

  • Availability

    Easily find who is available and suitable for the tasks at hand.

  • Profile Cards

    Find out more about team members on profile cards with personal details.

  • Time-off Tracker

    Keep track of who is taking time off and when they are coming back.

  • Permission sets

    Define who gets access to what reports and other data in your Organization.

  • Roles

    Define the roles in your Organization (you do not pay for Read-only members).

  • Charts

    Keep track of the Items, Units, Bugs and Value completed within a Sprint.

  • Burndown

    Use the Burndown chart to see how your active Sprint is progressing.

  • Worklog

    Find out how much time team members logged in a Sprint with Worklog chart.

  • Type stats

    Find out how much time your team spends on different types of tasks.

  • Countdown

    Get an overview of days that have passed and those you have left in a Sprint.

  • Clients

    Add the Clients you work with and track Projects and Invoices related to them.

  • Invoices

    Create invoices for your Clients and send them from the app.

  • Details

    Add all the details necessary for both you and your clients for transparent invoicing (Issue date, Due date, PO number, Subject, Currency,Tax, Discount).

  • Work charged

    Add the details on the service/product that you have provided for the client (Quantity/Price/Discount/Tax).

  • Templates

    Create invoice templates that you can use later.

  • Filters

    Use filters (client/dates/status/etc.) to easily find the invoices you need.

  • Slack

    Integrate your Boards with Slack and get all notifications there as well.

  • GitHub

    Use a two-way integration with GitHub to link your commits, new branches and pull requests to Items in VivifyScrum and more.

  • BitBucket

    Use a two-way integration with BitBucket to link your commits, new branches and pull requests to Items in VivifyScrum and more.

  • GitLab

    Use a two-way integration with GitLab to link your commits, new branches and pull requests to Items in VivifyScrum and more.

  • Continuous Integration

    VivifyScrum can be easily integrated with Travis CI, Semaphore CI and GitLab CI.

  • Jenkins

    VivifyScrum's Jenkins integration automatically creates a new bug card in VivifyScrum in case one of your builds fails.

  • Zapier

    Integrate VivifyScrum with more than 2,000 apps from the Zapier ecosystem and build your own stack.

  • Webhooks

    VivifyScrum can be integrated with third-party applications using Webhooks.

  • Google Drive

    Link your Google Drive account and attach files to VivifyScrum items (this does not use the Storage you get with your account).

  • Dropbox

    Link your Dropbox account and attach files to VivifyScrum items (this does not use the Storage you get with your account)

Account Settings
  • My Assignments

    Get a clear overview of tasks assigned to you across all Boards.

  • My History

    Get a chronological overview of your activities on all Boards you belong to.

  • Notifications

    Set up how you want to be notified about actions performed in VivifyScrum (email, desktop or in-app).

  • Theme

    Choose a color scheme you like best.

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"These are just some of the organizations that use VivifyScrum to better manage their projects"

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Frequently asked questions

What VivifyScrum features are included in lifetime details

The answer is simple - ALL. Lifetime deals give you access to all features in VivifyScrum, no limitations. You just need to choose a lifetime deal according to your team size.

Can I try out VivifyScrum for free?

Yes, all signups get a free 7-day trial period. Credit card is not required for signing up.

I need to add more users to my Boards. How do I upgrade my plan?

If the Lifetime Deals offer is still available, simply choose a higher plan according to your needs. You will only pay the difference between your current and new plan. However, if the Lifetime Deals offer is no longer available on our website, contact us ([email protected]) and we’ll make sure to find the best option for your new needs.

I want to cancel my lifetime plan. How can I do this?

Get in touch with our team (via email or in-app chat) and we’ll make sure to cancel your plan.

Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes. Lifetime deals come with the 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If VivifyScrum is not something you’ve expected, just get in touch with our team and we will issue your refund.