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Custom-Tailored Enterprise Project Management

VivifyScrum Enterprise project management software is the closest thing to developing your own tool without actually doing it.

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enterprise project management

An enterprise project management solution tailored to your company

Out of the box enterprise project management software simply cannot fit every company or organization. This is why VivifyScrum comes with unprecedented customization which actually entails having custom functionalities developed and added to better suit your exact needs.

Self-Hosted Project Management Software

Host your VivifyScrum Enterprise solution on your own servers and stay in full control of your data. We can recommend the best setup for your needs or you can suggest what you think works best. Our team can set it all up for you or provide assistance to your people.

If you wish, we can also set up a dedicated server for you that only your organization will have access to.

Custom Features For Your Needs

Different companies have different needs when it comes to project management. With VivifyScrum Enterprise, you get an unprecedented opportunity to have custom functionalities and features developed especially for you by our developers.

Moreover, you can even opt for a dedicated team that will work exclusively on your account, complete with an account manager.

A Dedicated Account Manager

VivifyScrum Enterprise comes with a dedicated account manager who will ensure your experience is as comfortable and as efficient as possible. They will assist you with the onboarding of your employees and serve as a one-person contact point with customer support.

In addition to this, they will facilitate the development of custom features and their integration into your system.

Find out why VivifyScrum Enterprise is the solution for your company

Our Enterprise solution combines VivifyScrum Premium features with your needs. For more information on pricing, contact us.

Maintenance and Updates

VivifyScrum Enterprise comes with round-the-clock maintenance and priority customer support where our team ensures your system functions flawlessly and any potential problems are mitigated immediately. All new updates to VivifyScrum will be deployed to your instance if they are compatible with your system and do not disrupt any custom-tailored functionalities we developed for you.

Sign-on and Security Integrations

We understand the importance of existing security and sign-on protocols. As a result, our team will work closely with your people to ensure that VivifyScrum Enterprise seamlessly integrates into your existing system and complies with any additional requirements and guidelines you might have.

Free Scrum Education

Not everyone in your company may be familiar with Scrum and it may take a while to educate people on everything that is involved when working in Scrum. This is why we have included our comprehensive proprietary Scrum course in VivifyScrum Enterprise. It is the perfect way to help your employees familiarize themselves with the Scrum framework.

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