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No matter the size of your team, VivifyScrum brings the perfect blend of project management capabilities and features. Handle all your projects in one place - from top to bottom.

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Features to Power up Your Project Management

Everything you need to successfully plan, organize, manage and finish your projects. From defining requirements and organizing team members, through project collaboration, to invoicing - it all runs seamlessly in VivifyScrum.

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Put your projects where you can see them

Streamline your workflow by selecting a board that suits your needs. Set up a fully customizable Scrum board, or go with a simple Kanban board.

VivifyScrum provides a visual representation of your team’s work process with instant updates about the changes on a board.



Take Team collaboration to a higher level!

Adding and managing tasks made easy

Here’s a hack - type # in the task title to get one click away from choosing a task type, adding labels, assignees or reviewers.

Perform bulk actions on selected tasks - move them to a different column or even to another Board, assign tasks to a team member, add labels - all at once.



Discover more shortcuts in the app!

Distribute work to the right team members

VivifyScrum’s Team Management features make tracking of team members’ engagements across projects, time-off requests and other significant events easy.

Use the team member engagement data to always know who is swamped and who could lend a hand on another project.



Tap the full potential of your team!

Don’t wait for Project Management to turn into a nightmare

Act now and there will be no sleepless nights for you. You’ve found the solution for planning and managing your Projects. All you need to do now is sign up and gather your team. VivifyScrum will help you do the rest.

In-app Time Tracking

Track hours with the VivifyScrum Time Tracker which automatically generates worklogs on relevant tasks. Find out who logged time on which tasks and how long they worked on them.

Make sure that your team isn’t constantly pushing itself to a breaking point.



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Stay on top of your data

From the Burndown Chart to different Scrum Metrics - all the available data to help improve your team and deliver more value.

VivifyScrum provides you with all the crucial individual and team-level stats to identify how well your team is progressing. Exports also available.



Learn from the data to achieve your goals sooner!

Managing multiple projects

Or as we would say: All the Benefits of the Project Calendar. With the Calendar view, you can visualize who is working on which project and during which period.

Organize your projects for months in advance by adding Placeholder Engagements if you’re not sure which team member will take on the role.



Right people for the right projects!

Invoices and reports

Create invoices for the work you and your team perform and for the services you provide to your clients. Send them directly from the app, and turn your recurring invoices into templates to save time.

Besides creating invoices based on the worklogs, create reports for managers and external stakeholders.



Hassle-free invoicing and reporting!

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Whether you are in the software development, design, HR, consulting or manufacturing business VivifyScrum can be your perfect match.

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