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A remote work tool that helps get things done

VivifyScrum helps your team collaborate remotely. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks and optimize your process.

Woman working remotely

Stay on top of your work

Remote work can be tricky. VivifyScrum makes sure it doesn’t become too tricky.

Track your work visually

It’s like having a whiteboard with all your work on it (only not messy). Visualize your work process on Boards with all your team’s tasks and understand how things get done.

Visual boards
Task cards

Super-useful task cards

VivifyScrum task cards make it impossible to miss out on important details. Define the type of work, add labels, performers, reviewers, priorities and everything else you can think of. 

Help your team stay efficient when working remotely

Time-tracker and worklogs built in

No need for additional tools when using VivifyScrum. Track your time in the tool itself and create automatic worklogs. Use powerful filters to find just the worklogs you need.

Time tracker
Team management feature

Remote team management

Use VivifyScrum’s team management features to find out who works on what, how much the team members have on their plate and whether they can jump on another project.  

Solve all your remote work needs with one tool

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