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Full-Scale Task Management App

VivifyScrum hands you a complete arsenal of task management capabilities and features. Put it to good use and ensure your every project runs smoothly.

task management app

All the task management features you need

Our task management app takes you from idea to completed product, task by task. From defining and describing tasks, through project collaboration, to timely completion - it all runs seamlessly in VivifyScrum.

Details. Details. Details.

Go into as much detail as you wish when defining your project tasks. Choose the type, add descriptions and checklists and upload files crucial for the tasks’ completion. Add estimations and labels for tasks and define how they are related to other tasks.


Well-defined tasks that add value!

Assignees, Reviewers and Followers

At the core of every successfully completed task are the people. VivifyScrum lets you assign three different roles to the task - Assignees who do the tasks, Reviewers who make sure tasks are done right and Followers who wish to stay in the loop on tasks in question.


Right people for the right task!

Task Collaboration

Great collaboration is a must for successfully completing tasks and VivifyScrum ensures your team can do it easily and efficiently. Team members can comment on one another’s tasks, upload files for that task or create sub-tasks to help each other.


It’s all about collaboration!


Project Tasks Stats

VivifyScrum is a data-driven task tracker. Get all kinds of data in front of you and track how tasks are being completed. See separate statistics for different types of tasks, see how much value the tasks have added and how much time your team spent on them.


Inform your decisions with data!

Events and Due Dates

Some tasks require meetings within the team or with external stakeholders or specialists. Use the Events feature to set up such meetings and ensure no one misses them. Set Due Dates for time-sensitive tasks that have to be completed in time.


Getting stuff done in time!


It is easy for stuff to fall through the cracks and for team members to miss things in large projects. With VivifyScrum you don’t have to worry about this. Use Notifications to make sure everyone important knows how each task is progressing.


Keep everyone in the loop!

Who will love it?

  • Distributed teams that have to stay in sync

  • Project managers on large projects

  • Teams that collaborate with external stakeholders