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Time Management for Your Projects

Use the VivifyScrum Time Tracker and other features for amped-up time management. Put the right people on the right tasks and projects.

time management for your projects

Project time management for productive teams

Find out how much your team works with VivifyScrum’s Time Tracking app. Stop wasting time on reporting and invoicing. Manage your team across different projects.

Time Tracker

Install the VivifyScrum time tracking app and discover exactly how much time you and your team spend on different tasks. Make sure you focus on tasks at hand. Find out how precise your estimates are.


Find out more about how you work!

Board and Organization Worklogs

Access Board Worklogs for better time management of your project. Find out who logged time on which tasks and how long they worked on them. Use Organization Worklogs as a work time tracker and get the big picture on different projects and teams.


Stay on top of project and organization performance!


Reports and Invoices

Use the Worklogs to create reports for managers and external stakeholders. Don’t waste time on manual reporting. Create Invoices based on Worklogs for your clients directly in VivifyScrum. Let them know how hard your team works on their projects.


Hassle-free reporting and invoicing!

Engagements and Availability

Find out how much time each team member is engaged on which project and in what capacity. Use the team member engagement data to determine who is available for additional projects and how much they can take on.


Tap the full potential of your team!

Who will love it?

  • Organizations that have more than one project going on

  • Project managers who are asked to do a ton of reporting

  • Teams working on projects for particularly "curious" clients

  • Everyone who struggles to organize their own time