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The most powerful white label project management software

Are you a reseller, a service provider or a large corporation looking for feature-packed but simple white label project management software?

VivifyScrum WhiteLabel has you covered!

We will provide you with one of the most comprehensive white label project management platforms and you can put your brand on it, use it, sell it off-the-shelf or charge subscriptions.

It’s all up to you!

Handle all your projects in one place - from top to bottom.

VivifyScrum WhiteLabel Features

Custom Branding

Put your name, logo and brand colors and start making money.

Use Your Domain

Use your domain to access the tool. Let your customers login using the URL you choose.

Flexible Payment Options

Let’s work out a payment model that suits you and your customers the best.

Training and Support

Our team will provide you with the training on the app and support assistance.

White Label Documentation

We will provide you with the documentation you can also brand as yours.

New Features Included

All new features we release are instantly available in your white label solution.

Custom Development

We can develop new custom features if your company or customers need them.

A Taste of Many, Many Features

Our rich selection of features makes VivifyScrum WhiteLabel the most powerful white label project management software on the market.

Fully customizable Boards where teams collaborate and track the progress of their work.

Task cards packed with so much detail that users will never have to ask a dozen questions about their task.


An in-built white label time tracker and worklogs that show who’s done what and for how long.

An invoicing section that can be used to send invoices to clients straight from the app.


Team management section for bigger organizations with more projects on the go at the same time.

All the integrations that your customers will ever need (partof the Zapier ecosystem).


White Label Project Management Software FAQ

Who is the VivifyScrum WhiteLabel program for?

Our white label project management software is perfect for anyone who wishes to brand our powerful platform as their own and use or sell it as their own. White label resellers can add it as part of their offer. Project management consultancies can add it to their list of services. Large corporations that do not wish to develop their own in-house solution can also take advantage of this offer.

How can I become a VivifyScrum WhiteLabel partner?

It’s really easy. Click on one of the buttons on this page, fill in the form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to discuss the partnership.

How does the payment work/how much does it cost?

We’ll work out the payment model that suits you best. Perhaps you wish to pay a one-time price or maybe you prefer a per-month model? Maybe a commission model works best for you? Let’s talk and figure it out together.

How do my customers pay?

We will leave that to you.

Do we sign an agreement?

Yes. Once we work out the details of our white label arrangement, our legal team will send over an agreement that will lay out the terms and the conditions of the arrangement.

Do I need technical knowledge?

You do not. Our team will provide you with all the training and support to set up your white label solution for your clients/customers. Of course, tech background may be useful, but it’s definitely not a prerequisite.

Do I need my own server or cloud infrastructure?

You do not. VivifyScrum will host and manage the cloud infrastructure unless you or your clients require a different setup.

Is VivifyScrum WhiteLabel accessible on all operating systems?

VivifyScrum WhiteLabel is available as a web app and as a desktop app for Windows, iOS and Linux.

Will you help me set up the software for my clients?

Our team will provide you with all the training and support you will need to set up the software for your clients. One of the best things about VivifyScrum is that it is intuitive and does not require that much setting up before it can be used.

Can VivifyScrum help me with client requests for custom features?

Should your clients require features or functionalities that are not available in VivifyScrum, we will gladly discuss developing custom features. We have different payment models for developing custom features.

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